Trg maršala Tita

Constitutive session of the City Assembly, announced for 29. September, may be in line with time these days - hot. Bruni Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegović, who as a condition for negotiations on the parliamentary cooperation with Bandic, are seeking a renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, and joined the HDZ. On the other hand, Bandic insists on a referendum, for him are Sandra Švaljek-HSLS, while SDP, HNS, and especially members of the Zagreb initiative is ours, opposed to referendum and renaming.

The Zagreb HDZ has already decided on the last convocation of the Assembly for the renaming of the Marshal Tito Square, which they have unsuccessfully tried to move to the session of the City Assembly. Although they have not spoken much since then, they can now be encouraged by a letter Brune Esih i Zlatka Hasanbegovic, resubmitted - and want to change the name of the Marshal Tito.

- HDZ will vote in the Zagreb Assembly to change the name of Trg maršala Tita, said the prime minister's advisor and member of the community of the founder of the HDZ Mario Kapulicatransmitted by HRT.

Kapulica reminds us that the HDZ first proposed the renaming of this square by 1990s and says they will vote for a change of name regardless of whether the motion is being made by the mayor Milan Bandic or a list of Brunei Esih.

The HDZ does not want a referendum campaign on the issue because it would deepen the division into society.

And Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Sabora Gordan Jandroković at a press conference, they said that the HDZ's position on this issue had long been known and that the name change was originally the idea of ​​HDZ.

We will see how the mayor will eventually be asked about this issue. There are three attempts to establish the Assembly - at the end of June, at the end of July and at the end of August. If the Assembly is not constituted by then, it will go to new elections, but only for the city's deputies. Whether Bandic will insist on raferendum to the end and risk new elections for the Assembly, to give up or find a third solution, we will see.