Milan Bandic

And while Milan Bandic celebrated his sixth mandate in Zagreb on Saturday, many predict that the longest mayor of Zagreb will not wait for the end of his mandate, that is, for a year or two to fall in the budget. According to the existing law, this means complete new elections. But this could change because the HDZ, transmitting 24 hours, plans to amend the Act, in the way that in the case of not running the Budget, new elections will take place, but not for mayors, mayors and prefects.

In Zagreb and many other cities and counties, there may have been problems, apparently even after the first round of local elections, when numerous new lists and independent deputies came to the councils and assemblies. In Zagreb, for example, a total of six lists have been added to the City Assembly. Representatives of three lists - SDP-HNS-HSS, Sandre ŠvaljekThe HSLS and Zagreb have told us that they will not even be different Milan Bandic and his leaf while Bruna Esih and HDZ support Bandic by changing the name of Marshal Tito Square, which is stubbornly opposed by wanting, if nothing else, to organize a referendum in that regard.

For a few days he remained at the constitutive session of the City Assembly, and he still does not know anything. Who will be the majority and whether we will have or will wait at the end of July, and possibly in August, whether the city representatives would have agreed. Under such conditions, if they can negotiate, it is hard to expect that Bandic's budget will go so far, and if it does not happen once, it goes to new elections, both for the mayor and for the Assembly.

Sometimes, in this situation, only new elections for the Assembly, but with the arrival of SDP in power in Croatia, 2011, the law was changed, so that in case of default of the budget, the city council, ie, the assembly and the mayor , or chief, or prefect.

Now the HDZ government wants to return the situation to the one before the 2011, so that, in the case of a budget drop, it goes to the elections only for the city council, that is, the assembly.

- This is not good because both local stability and stability are needed. It is unfortunate that a directly elected leader who has the highest legitimacy can be dropped by not declaring the budget. This is a new cost, provokes instability, and in citizens it is getting saturated. A law that would allow for new elections for both the council and leaders after the budget fell - said Gordan Jandroković for 24 hours.

Lawyer and former MP Pero Kovačević believes that both solutions are deficient and that a complete solution should be taken.

- Both variants have flaws, but I think this may be the mayor, and changing the representative body is a bit worse, but this is not a complete marketing - said Pero Kovacevic for Next and added that this is what the HDZ proposes only a palliative measure.

- It's a palliative reform that is not good at me. When the first law was passed, then Mate Arlovic and I sent it to the third reading because the law did not respect the will of the citizens on the one hand and the will of the candidates who offered the program and won the mayor / mayor. In my case, in such situations, the mayor must be given the right to determine the 70 percent of the items in the budget, and to allow representatives of the representative body to allow some 20-30 percent, because ultimately, the budget is passed by the representative body, not the mayor. Therefore, a comprehensive reform should be made in this regard, to legally allow 70: 30 to reach the budget. This is just the rescue of Soldier Reiner or somebody else, Ryana. Who is Ryan now, whether it is Opara or Bandic, about it then - concludes Pero Kovačević.