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Tito's eviction started in Zagreb - someone removed the Tablet from the Marshal Square, first finished in the garbage, then at the Sesvete fair

Trg maršala Tita

Although Marshal Tito is still in Zagreb, his eviction has already begun. Namely, an unidentified perpetrator removed one of the plates with, apparently, a former name of the square, from the eastern side of the future Zagreb Square.

An unknown perpetrator was reported to the portal newsletter Further, picked up a table from the Marshal Tito Square from the east side of the building, from the building just next to the Green Wave, and threw it into a waste bin. The table is, as we know, almost ended up at the Jakuševac waste landfill, for which some say that the name of the Yugoslav dictator would have to be in the future but came to a fair in Sesvete where he ended up in the hands of the citizen who decided to keep it as a reminder to Zagreb's eviction of marshal.

Trg maršala Tita
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