Franjo Tuđman Square, source: Facebook

And while Marshal Tito and his departure from Zagreb these days are the main topic in the main Croatian town, and the reason for today's unsuccessful attempt at constituting the City Assembly, the SDPs, so far the great opponents of revisionism of history, are heading their own revisionist battle against Franjo Tuđman, ie, its Zagreb square.

Secretary of the Youth Forum SDP Jurica South he wrote a proposal for the renaming of Franjo Tuđman Square, which he plans to send to the Assembly Committee for the appointment of streets, settlements and squares, of course, when the Assembly constitutes. His proposal is transmitted in its entirety.

- I'm sending you a proposal to change the name of the square bounded by the Austrian side, on Talovceva Street, on Reljkovićeva Street and on Ilica in the middle of the media pumps around the change of the name of the square bordered by Savska Street, Massarykova Street, Gundulićeva Street and Hebranga Street.

I lived shortly in Yugoslavia since I was born 1987. and I do not know exactly what the circumstances were. But I remember the autocratic and undemocratic rule of a doctor whose square I proposed to change the name. I remember the pressures of media freedom, constant attacks on the Feral Tribune, the attempt to shut down Radio 101. I also remember the Zagreb 1995 crisis. and the disrespect of the democratic will of the people and the failure to recognize the election results. Also, we have to consider that the doctor was the General of the National Liberation Fight. After the war, he worked in the JNA and the General Staff, he was assigned to the general-major and to 1967. he was a member of the Communist Party. In order to be convinced that the policy of the new City Council of the City of Zagreb is valid, I am sending you a proposal to change the name of the square bordered by the Republic of Austria, Talovceva Street, Reljkovićeva Street and Ilica from Dr. Franje Tuđman Square in Černomerečki trg. The reason for the proposal of such a name is that I do not have to explain too much. The square is at the very entrance to the beautiful city district where I was born.

If we are moving a communist, a JNA officer, an autocrat, and a non-democratic leader, then we left the other - says the proposal of Secretary of the Youth Forum of the SDP, Jurice Juga.