Trg maršala Tita

As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb represents an unavoidable route and station from east to west. With the rich fusion of the Mediterranean and continental spirit, Zagreb keeps the secrets of the Balkans past, but also defies itself as one of the most modern business centers in the region.
The first thing to go for a walk around this beautiful city is recreation and countless green areas behind every corner. The city invests an enviable part of the budget in equipping the recreational areas and therefore the very quality of life of its inhabitants.

Completed at the end of 19. century, one of the renowned tourist spots, Strosmayer's Aleja represents an ideal romantic place for walking at any time of the day.

Great cities around the world are running a stormy fight with traffic, crowds and too much carbon dioxide. However, Zagreb has managed to overcome this problem by its green areas and well-built infrastructure, and it is on the way to become a true paradise on earth.

With over 30 of active theaters, several dance events and the 20ak Gallery, residents of Zagreb dedicate a large amount of their art time. Whether it's a business day or a weekend, be sure to find something in your capital in the capital of Croatia. One of the major museums is the Museum of Contemporary Art which is open at the beginning of 21. century. It is one of the most visited museums of this kind in Europe, so it is recommended as an inevitable place to visit.

And as the last item, we note entrepreneurship. Zagreb has long claimed to become a regional hub of startup and entrepreneurship. He recently baptized pioneers in the Igaming industry MST who joined the transfer of roulette, blackjack and poker to the virtual world. Although a new branch, Zagreb entrepreneurs are already rushing to the top with fast pace.
Nature, art and dream job. Zagreb really knows how to live in 21.stoljeće.