Due to the reconstruction of the Remetinec rotor, from Monday, 6. In August, trams stop between the Savo bridge and Sopot, and the excellent bus line 607 (Savski most - Sopot - Savski most) is introduced.

The 607 bus will run through:
Savski Most (parking lot to the left from the starting point of the 110 line) - Student home Stjepan Radić - Savski gaj - Trnsko - Fair - Museum of Contemporary Art - Sopot (exit point)

On return the bus will drive:
Središće (entrance point) - Sopot - Museum of Contemporary Art - Velesajam - Trnsko - Savski gaj - Savski most (exit point).

An exceptional bus line 607 will use the usual bus stops 109 and 222.

Read the HERE 607 bus line.

Tramway 14 will take off on the route Mihaljevac - Trg bana Josipa Jelačića - Savska - Savski Bridge, while the 7 tram line will also be reduced to Dubec - Kvaternikov trg - Bus station - Sopot.

During the works and the bus line 234 (Main Station - Kajzerica - Lanište) will be traded partially modified. The bus will drive from the Main Station to the main street to the Joszefa Antalla Street where you will turn left into Radoslava Cimermana Street, then right onto Dubrovnik Avenue and over the rotor and the Remetinec road to the final destination.
The bus stops at the Hipodrom and Stari Savski bridge are temporarily abolished, and a temporary position on Radoslava Cimermana Street is established at the house number 72.

On returning from Lanište to the Main Station, the bus will drive along the same modified route, which will temporarily stop the bus stops of Stari Savski Bridge and South Coast 4, and a temporary stand on the eastern roadway of Radoslav Cimermana Street will be established.
The train line remains unchanged.

The rotor reconstruction, according to the term plans, will last until the beginning of 2020. years. During this period, ZET will arrange for public transport of passengers by adapting to the temporary traffic regulation, but with a secure transit bus service running through the Adriatic Sea - Adriatic Avenue - part of Remetinečka cesta - Avenija Dubrovnik.

We remind you that because of works in the Prince of Branimir Street, the tram lines 2, 6 and 8 are traded on modified tracks.