On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Cravat Day, Deputy Mayor Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic opened the cravat Festival, which is organized by Academie Cravatica at the central Zagreb square.

This year's Festival will take place at 20. October, and the program is forcing tie-ups of cravats and garlands to about fifty Zagreb monuments, the Great Shift of the Zdrug Army of the Historic Struggle Arms at St. Brand, the Cravat Exhibition - the symbol of the EU Presidency to be opened by 17. October in the Croatian Parliament, Shadow Guard The collapse of the regiment and the light projection on the cravat of the fountains on the Croatian Fraternal Union Street.

On St. Mark's Square, Deputy Mayor Olivera Majić attended the Great Change of the Guard of the Association of Historical Tailored Armies, which was held within the Tie Festival.
In the Change of Guard, the Honorary-Defense Battalion of the Croatian Army, the Zrinska garda from Čakovec, the Turopoljski banderj, and the Honorable Horned Kravat-Regiment participated.