From 18. to 21. October at the Zagreb Fair will be held Food Fair and Good Living and Days of Hunting and Fishing, at today's press conference were announced: Deputy Mayor of the City of Zagreb Olivera Majic, Director of the Zagreb Fair Dina Tomšić and Director of the Center Rudolf Steiner Dijana Posavec, who discussed the topic of the recent international conference - biodynamic agriculture.

Tomšić pointed out that this year, at the Food and Food Fair, his products exhibit more than 250 exhibitors with the goal of recovering this business. Visitors are looking for products of protected designations of origin, protected geographical indications, products of Croatian farms, ecological products as well as Croatian island products. On the other hand, hunting and fishing days include an educational and training program that emphasizes the potential and the direct importance of hunting in nature conservation and maintenance, and this year the 64 exhibitors were reported.

Food sovereignty is crucial to the development of each country, and the goal of this project is the promotion of the quality of Croatian products because our "brand" agricultural products, said Mayor Majić, and pointed out that City of Zagreb through the City Office for Agriculture and the City Health Office finances various counseling centers nutrition, youth health centers, and projects that promote a healthy lifestyle and raise public awareness of healthy eating habits.

Talking about biodynamic agriculture, as one of the directions of organic agriculture, Posavec emphasized that such a production is the most profitable to the environment, and these products are the purest that nature can give. Biodynamic agriculture gives high added value to the product and has a twofold annual growth and represents one trend.

Along with the exhibition, the Fair attends professional conferences and conferences on current topics of importance for the development and improvement of agricultural production, and hunting and fishing days offer education and expert advice on trends and legal provisions in hunting and fishing.

The fairs are open every day from 10,00 to 20,00 hours, on Sundays from 10,00 to 18,00 hours, and the entrance is free.