This is one of the largest traffic investments in the last 50 years, worth 200 million dinars, which will make Zagreb one of the most beautiful roads to facilitate the connection with the Airport, commented mayor Milan Bandic 7. May, adding that the completion of all works on the road, which enters 15% of all vehicles in Zagreb every day, is expected to reach 1. November this year.

Work on the fourth, last stage of the Workers' Road includes the reconstruction of a part of the overpass over the railway line to the Domovinski Bridge, a length of about 1,24 kilometers (the crossing zone with Čulinečka Street).

The challenging project encompasses a whole range of activities to make every detail in place: road, underwater, water supply and drainage, protection and installation transitions. An important part is the safe and pleasant journey of citizens, so special attention has been paid to traffic signaling and equipment, semaphorization of intersections, noise protection, landscaping, construction of the pit and removal of the Žitnjak Health Center facility.
The total estimated value of the fourth stage works is approximately 137 million, and the project provides for construction work for the construction sector and related areas for the next few months. In the previous three phases, from the Slavonian Avena through Canal Street to the overpasses, most of this road was built and reconstructed.

Recall, the reconstruction of the workers' road is a project that will enable citizens a very comfortable and fast journey. The entire route will be adequately illuminated so the lighting on the tram stops will be halfway stronger than the street. A pleasant traveling atmosphere will also provide quality urban equipment on the stand, and people with reduced mobility will have the option of unhindered movement. At the end of July 2017. works on sewage construction began, and a road construction contract was signed at the end of August last year when the contractor was also introduced into the business. In order for businesses close to the construction site and residents of the surrounding areas to function normally, it was secured a smooth passage through and around the construction site, and at the end of October last year a special traffic regulation came into effect. Construction work on underpasses has begun. All activities on the construction of new water, electricity, DTK and gas pipeline installations and works on the channel ring firing around the underwater zone have been intensified in order to remove the existing collector of the Žitnjak - Petruševac connection, which passes through the underpass path.