At the press conference in front of the National Hydrometeorological Institute, a concert was held at Šimunovo in Lisinski. The concert was also attended by musicians Šima Jovanovac, Rajko Suhodolčan, Marina Tomašević, and MPS Starotopoljani and members of the Association of folklore amateurs of Zagreb.

I invite everyone to come to the 28 concert. October to enjoy the music and the warm Slavonian soul, the mayor said.

Šima Jovanovac emphasized that on the day of the concert he will celebrate his personality and expect the audience to have a wonderful companionship with top performers. This year I celebrate 51. a year of successful music career and we are preparing you a shocking spectacle.

The audience will be able to enjoy many hits at the concert: I need your hand, What do I care to live? We are together together, I am Slavon, so I'm proud of it.