On Thursday, 14. March 2019. starting at the 20 lessons at Laubi - House for People and Art, will be opening an exhibition of Dominik Vukovic, titled Hahar and frogs.

This is a series of about a hundred drawings created over the past two years, in which Dominik Vukovic will take you into the forgotten moments of childhood with a drawn "album of memories".

In the series of drawings, Hahari frogs Dominik Vuković quotes his own childhood, which, like little story-telling units of memory, shapes into fragments - the small motifs of the experiences, the real spaces, and the vanished worlds from a past era. With the author's approach and unpretentious minimalism, Dominik lurks in the distant and carefree world of great wishes of little people, the world of miracles and first astonishing curiosities, from the first bicycle, traps and dragons, through the first fight and broken knees to the first kiss, the first Playboy and the first cigarette. This seemingly personal theme not only lucidly testifies to the spirit of a time, but the instrument of discovery is open to different reading but also an incentive for reflection on one's own memories.

The exhibition remains open until 24. March 2019.

Dominik Vuković (1990.) Completed the School of Applied Art and 2009 Design. years. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, the direction of the graphics of Professor Svjetlana Junakovića 2015. years. He has participated in numerous art colonies and workshops and exhibited at four solo and multi-group exhibitions. After graduation, he worked in the Space Shuttle collection with Klarno Rusan and Martino Hrastić. He collaborated with the collective Pimp my Pump in the studio of Lapo-Lapo street art where he met with the construction of a wall. He collaborates with Croatian publishing houses Fraktura, VBA, Albatros and Mala ringtones. He lives and works as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist and painter in Zagreb.