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    And Zagreb will be home to St. Patrick's Day


    Annual celebration of St. Patrick, National Day of Ireland, organized by Tourism Ireland will include a number of places around the world and in Croatia. The tenth annual Global Greening initiative, ie "Global Greening", will take place on more than 400 sites in the 53 country. In Croatia, there will be a record five cities and nine places this Sunday, 17. March 2019. years.

    The Irish Embassy has again co-operated with the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, with the City of Rijeka, which is the European Capital of Culture 2020. and with the Irish City of Galway at this year's initiative. The three big Dalmatian towns joined the embassy in marking the Day of St. Patrick: Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

    Zagreb participates in the "greening" of 3. a path with four famous sights:

    • Fountains (Croatian Fraternal Communities)

    • Museum of Contemporary Art

    • Klovićeva dvori

    • Mestrovic Pavilion

    Rijeka is also 3. for the third time joins the Embassy and its participation is significant because one of the two gleaming sights, the Trsat fortress, a fortress above Rijeka, was once owned by Irca Count Laval Nugent. Nugent played an important role in the history of Croatia in 19. century. The other sights, which will be greasy, are the impressive "Molo Longo" cranes.

    The largest city on the southern Dalmatian coast, Split, will green the fountain on the Riva, in front of Prokurative. In Zadar, the most famous city landmark, the Church of St. Donat. Dubrovnik's Sponza palace at the end of Stradun will be in green for this celebration. All three cities have begun to initiate "Global Greening".

    Boaring will be visible in Sunday, 17. March at 18: 30; ie dusk.

    With its record-breaking participation, Croatia has again shown that the link between Ireland and Croatia is growing stronger each year.

    Well-known world-famous attractions included in the Tourism Ireland initiative for the celebration of St. Patrick is the London Eye and many others.

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