Russian Air Force hit the 24 hour of 60 targets of the Islamic State in Syria and killed about the 300 militants, Friday's Russian Defense Ministry announced, which have been the most intense attacks since the start of Russian military intervention in Syria ten days ago.

Moscow has been shooting around 10 targets per day, according to reports so far. At a heightened pace of attack, it wants to prevent militants from recapturing and settling in populated areas, the ministry says.

Russian aircraft used precision-guided bombs KAB-500 to destroy Liwa al-Haqq militant group headquarters in Raqqi province. In the attack, the alleged ministry has been shot dead by two high commanders of the Islamic State and around the 200 militants. Liwa al-Haqq is not related to the Islamic State, so it is not clear what these commanders were doing there.

The ministry also states that an IS base and ammunition depot were destroyed in a former prison near Aleppo, where other 100 militants were injured.

Among the deadly targets in the last 24 hours are training sites for militants in the Latakia and Idlib provinces.

SU-34, SU-24M and SU-25CM SUVs were carried out in the last 24 hour of 67 flights, the statement said. (Hina)