Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic commented on Friday the visit of Croat President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović of the Republic of Hungary and her participation at the Visegrad Group meeting, saying that you can not stop the president of the Republic doing what he thinks is good for Croatia and has said that his moves do not even understand .

In an interview with the Media Service, Prime Minister Milanovic reiterated that the representatives of the Croatian government did not attend the meeting, where he was president of the State Grabar-Kitarović, and stated that "you can not stop the president; she does what she thinks is good for Croatia, but I do not understand these moves at all, "he said.
Milanovic considers the completely unacceptable statements of the Croatian president who gave Hungarian television about the refugee and migrant crisis, where he also pointed out that the Croatian system collapsed within a few hours.
"If you are already on the Day of Independence in Hungary and there you talk to a man who is at this moment one of the most desperate people in Europe, and you are supposed to represent Croatian interests, so you normally talk to the prime minister who is head of an institution conducting foreign policy. The government runs foreign policy, not the president. And in almost all aspects, "Milanovic said.
"Hungary is the blind hollow of Europe at this time thanks to its prime minister who was an active communist and then a liberal, something different. So, I am always the same when the Croatian president, and I would really stand there, says the system has collapsed - the Croatian system is exemplary. And all European statesmen think and see and speak. Everyone chooses their society. My company is Angela Merkel, Faymann, Cerar, despite some misunderstandings of Croatia and Slovenia, which her and Karamarkov society - I do not know. I'm Milanovic, I'm not Khuen Hedervary, "Milanovic said.
He said that "his company, the European Commission, Juncker, Merkel, Faymann, Cerar - a modern, advanced Europe, and what this is behind the wire, I do not know, that's not Croatia."
Milanovic also said that "he talked to everyone, with Merkel," he spoke and did not sleep with all those who are important at this point, and Hungary is irrelevant and we have concluded that building any kind of wall against Serbia would destabilize the region, "he said .
Milanovic also commented on the forthcoming parliamentary elections and commented on Karlovac's claims that the SDP and its coalition partners have nothing to offer in the XI. the Diaspora constituency, and therefore "there and not go", saying, "We have never gone and our attitude is clear."
"Our position is clear, the constitution is clear, the laws are clear, there you do not have to go with the list, especially if you are" roasted "in Zagreb, not Bosnia and Herzegovina. And what I did for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and for the Croats in BiH and my government can go to Tomislavgrad, Kraljevo Sutjeska, Široki brijeg, Mostar, to ask every Croat who is walking there. "
He said he did not have to prove his affinity with the Croats in BiH where he was in many places until, he added, "Karamarko and Yours nowhere."
Milanovic congratulated Tomislav Karamarko on this occasion, who became father again, adding that it was "nice" and that he (Milanovic) "would allow the child to work hard and have a lot of time for him".
He considers that the current government deserved another mandate because, as he stated, all he had done was sanctioning the consequences of the actions of the former government. Since our coalition with the authorities, the situation has stabilized in Croatia, he said. Milanovic is convinced that he is exactly what the President of the Republic will bring 76 signatures, and thus put together a new Croatian government.
He also commented on the HDZ's announcement that their government would donate a thousand euros to each parent for each child, saying "we can not reduce the child to a bunch of sweatshirts".
Ahead of the prison camp should come out the former prime minister.
He added that SDP's electoral program was written by Croatian politicians in Croatia for Croatian people, not in Germany or the Republika Srpska. He repeated that he would present it to the public these days.
"We can talk and talk in the next few days about the details. Our plan is not to get 5000 heartburners back into the Sports Hall, but to put it on the Internet, so everyone can find a comma and say - this is not yours. This is more risky and harder to approach the business, "he said.
Asked whether it is possible if he loses the elections and will lose SDP's presidency, Milanovic said SDP is a serious, firm party that "does not go unlike the HDZ".
One of the issues addressed to the prime minister was the possible exit from the Ivor Sanader's Primitive Prison. Milanovic said "he expects the HDZ to take it back and be the bearer of a list," saying "it comes out of their statements". This verdict was put at a lower speed and went back trial, he added.
Asked what he thinks of Ivana Turudić's election as head of the Zagreb Electoral Commission, Milanovic replied: "What can I tell you, I do not know. In parliamentary elections, unlike the presidential candidates, you can not, prostate, quarrel. "
Having said that although he did not accuse anyone, Milanovic stated that he had indications that in the presidential elections, in smaller places, there was nothing and everything else.