President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Tomislav Karamarko said in a crowded sports hall in Karlovac at the 7th Election Congress the electoral constituency, the ultimate goal, the patronage of the 'patriotic coalition' - is a powerful run of the economy.

It will be raised, Karamarko said, GDP per year by five percent, from EU funds will be in the next mandate to 2019. to withdraw at least five billion euros, by reducing the tax burden, to enable numerous investments, and to invest heavily in transport and other infrastructure; another tunnel pipe through Učka, irrigation, modernization of the railway line and modernization of the harbor.

"Gorski Kotar, Žumberak, Kordun and our other homeland will also be directly and indirectly covered by investments, and their government will devote themselves to strengthening relations with Croats in BiH," said Karamarko, adding that he will not allow Croats to share and to share outside the homeland ignores.

That, he said, is our constitutional and moral, and above all patriotic, obligation. With the assertion that family policy will be one of the pillars of their policies, he confirmed that the families for each newborn child would receive a thousand euros, which, according to Karamarki's words, would be a state's investment in the future, an investment of all investments.

He stressed that demographers predict Croatia will have 2050. year 700.000 population less. "We will not allow 2050. Croatia has only 3,5 million inhabitants and we will not allow extinction, "he said, evaluating Croatia's 2050. have at least five million inhabitants.

He thanked Karamarko for those who remained faithful to the HDZ and the 'patriotic coalition' over the past four years, when the party was, as he said, collectively charged, satanized, and membership labeled as criminals.
"We now see that these days the Supreme Court has removed this stigma from the HDZ and 220.000 of our members," he recalled, adding that the HDZ has since claimed that the party can not be guilty of the actions of individuals, but who they were.

We continued, fought and turned out to be right, he said, and added that he would again say that there is not a single legally convicted official in the HDZ and that he will "never be", and has again called on all those individuals who they believe that with the party card they will get a better material status, they will have the material resources and wealth to "imply that they are better to return the party ID and leave the HDZ immediately".
Realizing that all of his pre-election promises did not realize this, as he said, incompetent power, Karamarko said: "We are ready to take responsibility for Croatia, support our candidates and ourselves in the end."

Damir Jelić, vice-president of the HDZ and the Karlovac mayor, in his speech to about three thousand assembled members of the 'patriotic coalition' and sympathizers 'parties called for' to stop and insight that we live a thousand-year Croatian dream today and that it is important to see how this he can not go to the left, and that what is happening from the center will never again let the citizens with the various childhood illnesses we have had in the past. "

"The patriotic coalition in its name has a home and a love, and whoever disowned it, you did it to him, said Jelic and caused ovations, and concluded" that in these elections it is not about who will rule, who will be there who will serve our only homeland to Croatia ". (Hina)