Russia has used a new type of tape bombs in Syria for the first time in air strikes, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Sunday.

The bombs are intended for the destruction of armored vehicles and were used a week ago in an air strike southwest of Aleppo, HRW said in New York.

The 2008 Convention. signed by the 98 state of the tape bombs are banned because they have a wide range of actions and leave behind unexploded small bombs so-called. 'bells' resulting in civilian casualties during and after the attack.

Syrian opposition activists said that cluster bombs were also used in air strikes near the battlefield north of Hama in central Syria, where government forces with the support of Russian combat aircraft have recently won territory.

"It is a disturbing fact that a new kind of ammunition was used in Syria, because it will harm civilians in the time to come," said Nadim Houry, HRW leader for the Middle East.

Human Rights Watch says it can not confirm whether the tape bombs used in Kafr Halab, southwest of Aleppo, have thrown Syrian or Russian forces.

HRW notes that Syrian forces have repeatedly used tape bombs in a civil war that began four and a half years ago.

They add that Islamic state extremists have also thrown them into attack on Kurdish city of Kobane last year. (Hina)