SDP and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said from the SDP pre-election session on Sunday in Vukovar that Domovina was not, as some say, "eight Latin words, flags, coats of arms, arms on the heart, and the other in someone's pocket" announcing that the SDP election program, which should be published most likely in the afternoon, offers the order, work and growth and a better future for all citizens of Croatia.

"I want the homeland, homeland and homeland growth. Or growth and stability or tear valley. Or the rule of law or bragging and corruption. me or they. Select, "he said, saying that Domovina was not, as some say," eight Latin words, a flag, a coat of arms, a hand on the heart, and the other one in someone's pocket. "That's not it, and it will not pass. But passaran! "Said Milanovic, questioning what power was more popular than the coalition led by SDP.

He also claimed that HDZ's authority was folk but no one could deny that it was awful. "We have not lost the form, and we will preserve Croatian national authority," he said, adding that the SDP inherited European values, not the values ​​of "čaršija and the Balkans". Recognizing the beginning of his cabinet's mandate four years ago, he said he was a bit naive at the time, because he could not believe that a single political party, a "falange" might be able to express such a degree of hatred. "What are the enemies that are suppressed and how many jobs are open?" He wondered, arguing for violent protests and breaking the vile nameplates in Vukovar.

As he talked about the "cajka" at Slavonski Brod, he explained that "cajka" is a way of thinking about work and responsibility. "It's not art. These are two tones, three words and a lot of twists. Their leaders listen to some things they should not listen to. HDZ is equally lazy, equally indolent. And when they ask you what program, then you do not know, but not because you do not know how to count up to five because everybody knows that. They're not stupid and uneducated. They are, but not so much, "he said.

He reiterated that Croatia will not, like Hungary, fence with wire to prevent the passage of refugees who, in his words, through Hungary, "run like Usain Bolt because they are aware of the message they send to them."

"I've already talked about some of the things about further tax relief, but not the irresponsible relief that we are promising enormous costs on the one hand, and on the other hand tax cutting in a linear manner. More capital will be invested and less work. We will look in the long run for VAT to be lower. But at this point, whoever promises that VAT will be linear, and then tells me that he will give a thousand euros there, he does not always tell the truth. I believe that Croatian people are sufficiently mature enough to recognize blephers, "said Zoran Milanovic.

He also announced the introduction of additional powers for cities with a population of more than 100.000, which, he admitted, was the words of the current Government but it was not done. Municipalities should have greater financial powers but also obligations as well as cities up to the 35.000 population. "I said not to abolish the counties for political, historical and practical reasons, but that does not mean that some of the counties' powers will not cross Split, Rijeka and Osijek in line with the City of Zagreb," Milanovic said.

He announced that the SDP election program should be released most likely in the afternoon, saying that his party's program is "celebal" or "slightly written with the brain as opposed to HDZ and is very simple." He said his government had "knocked out the day before yesterday" in order to get the country out of the "dregs" of crisis and hopelessness.

At the rally held in the Rose House under the slogan "Croatia is growing. There is no return to the old one, "Finance Minister Borislav Lalovac said, saying that the HDZ's economic program, which he said, was written on the" Prnjavor Institute "in the service of large capital and banks. "This government of Zoran Milanovic is the first government that has told foreign agents in 25 years: It can not. It's enough, "he said, saying he has bad news for the bankers, and she says the SDP will be in power for the next four years.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić devoted most of the speech to the refugee crisis, saying that Croatia and Estonia were the only EU country that expressed willingness to receive more refugees than the proposed quota. "But we did not expect the refugees to come to Croatia without any control over Greece or Serbia, nor would they be waiting for them at the entrance to Hungary," he said, saying that Croatia is ready to continue to show solidarity but "it does not work either in Greece or in Hungary ".

"Now it is necessary to prevent a much bigger catastrophe, which is to go back to the old, not to return the HDZ," Osotjic said at a gathering.

In the words of SDP coordinator for the 5th Election Day Zdravko Ronka, the SDP came to Vukovar "pure cheeks and clean hands" seeking support for Vukovarac for his program. "We are looking for this in this sacred spot where the wounds are still visible," he said, saying in the silence that ruled the hall as he spoke as if he heard the dove say, "Zorane, take us to a better tomorrow."

Speaking speakers, especially SDP President Zoran Milanovic, were often interrupted by the hiccups of approving members and sympathizers of the party followed by the SDP flags and flags. (Hina)