More than two weeks after stampede in Mecca, the number of people killed fell on Sunday at 1501, according to data from governments whose citizens took part in a pilgrimage that has become the most deadly in the history of the Hajj.

Of the first official 769 information about the dead pilgrims reported by 26. September, two days after the drama, Saudi authorities did not figure new numbers until Sunday when the total number of deaths nearly doubled on the basis of data from governments of countries whose nationals were taking part in the war, AFP writes.

Additionally, hundreds of pilgrims are still missing as a stampede that arose during the stone sculpture in the Mini symbolizing Satan.
The Official Journal has not yet provided the victim's nationality data.
According to data collected by the AFP agency, the largest number of victims is Iran, 464 killed, followed by Egypt with 177, and Indonesia with 120 dead. (Hina)