Finance and Billionaire American George Soros in co-operation with international and Hungarian organizations provides financial support for "unbridled illegal immigration," Fidesz's ruling Fidesz representative said on Sunday.

Hungarian left "continues to support immigration despite a national debate that has clearly shown that the Hungarian people want to protect the country," said Istvan Hollik at the press conference.

Soros and organizations associated with it, such as the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Civil Liberties Union or Migration Assistance, will "do everything to allow an unlimited number of immigrants to enter the country," said Hollik.

Hollik said Soros is behind the handbook of the Welcome to Europe organization that "encourages immigrants not to cooperate with the Hungarian authorities and to refuse to give fingerprints."

Hollik criticized Soros for suggesting that "Europe pay annual 15.000 euros to every immigrant and take a loan to pay it". (Hina)