Two 19-year-olds, who brutally beat their peers from Drniš last Friday in Sibenik, examined the Deputy Prosecutor's Office of the State Attorney's Office (ŽDO) in Sibenik on Monday, and was then ordered by the court to investigate.

As reported in the ZDO report, young men are suspected of a criminal offense of particularly serious bodily injury. The ŽDO notes that there is a reasonable suspicion that young men around 12 are hours 9. October 2015. in Šibenik, on Andrej Hebranga Square, first threatened 19-year-old Drnješin in a local one and challenged him in a fight. As he left the cafeteria, the young man caught up and agreed that it would be hard to hurt him physically, first shot him verbally and then hit him with a fist in his head.

Due to the blow, the young man fell to the floor and suffered particularly severe head injuries that led him to life and was hospitalized at KBC Split after the operation.

After examining two 19 year-old strikers, the State Attorney's Office issued a decision on the conduct of the investigation and the investigating judge of the Šibenik County Court filed a motion for the determination of investigative prison, which the judge accepted and ordered an investigative prison due to the danger of influencing the witness as well as the repetition of the criminal offense .