HDZ on Monday called "the most common lie made in SDP's kitchen" statement by Finance Minister Boris Lalovac as he heard about stories about the alleged agreement of the bankers, the opposition and the Constitutional Court that the legal solution for loans to 'Swiss' falls after the election and that he the story has not spread, pointing out that after the election, if the present falls to the Constitutional Court, do anything that any settlement in no way compromises the position of the debtor in the Swiss francs.

"The statement that connects with Lalovc is the most common lie. Lalovac says he did not produce it, it was produced in the SDP's kitchen. Lalovac is the same as his boss, Zoran Milanovic and his fellow minister Ranko Ostojić, whose lying has become a quite normal means of political struggle. Lying, insulting and defaming is what the SDP serves in this election campaign, "HDZ Presidency member and MP Gordan Jandroković in the HDZ Central Committee told the press on Lalovac's statement.

Recalling that Minister Lalovac had earlier accused others of being bank agents, Jandroković accused him of being a former banker, as a former banker, that such loans were even placed on the Croatian market. "He is the man who himself took a loan in the Swiss, he is the man who has increased the Croatian debt for one hundred billion kunas and for whose mandate is 320. 000 citizens became blocked. If someone is an agent and bank associate, then Minister Lalovac, "Jandroković pointed out.

The journalist question as to what the law about the "Swiss" after the election and whether the HDZ will support the current legal solution even after the elections, Jandrokovic said that the SDP in the campaign serves the banquets and lies that became the normal means of political struggle. He noted that SDP first reported the information in the media, and then somehow fired it off by playing the fate of the unfortunate people who have Swiss francs. "It is immoral and politically incorrect," said Jandrokovic.

HDZ Finance Minister Tomislav Tomislav Ćorić pointed out that his party would have to do everything after the elections if any solution to the dispute, if the present falls to the Constitutional Court, does not in any way jeopardize the position of debtors in Swiss francs. "Any solution that has been created will be such that their position is not compromised. They no longer deserve to suffer as they suffered in the previous period, "Corić said. He refuted that he had information on what the Constitutional Court plans, pointing out that anyone who has this information needs to be informed about where and who informed him. "It is a pure politicization of the huge problem in which a part of Croatian citizens has been found and a kind of blackmail towards them and their political orientation," Ćorić said.

He recalled that the HDZ, after escalating the debtor's problem in the Swiss franc, was the first party to insist on converting credits into that foreign currency into euros. He considers that the current legal solution is not a product of consensus, but a conflict between the Finance Ministry and the Government with everyone in the country.

Asked how he comments on the SDP deputy lawmaker in the last convocation of Peja Grbina, the president of the Republic, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, has to keep the constitution and the mandate to form a new government to give it to a parliamentary majority, and she blamed her for not talking to a HDZ spokesman in accordance with its constitutional powers, Jandrokovic replied that he was certain that the President of the Republic would keep his constitutional powers. She also recalled on 2007. the year when Milanovic, despite being an election loser, tried in all ways to obstruct the formation of the government. Stressing that the SDP still has the experience to challenge election victory since that year, he stressed that this party and "well-known constitutional expert" Sandra Petrovic Jakovina this year brought into question the brilliant election victory of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

"They are the last ones to call someone to question an election result, because behind them they have experience of trying to challenge electoral victories. All that Milanovic has done lately - playing with the fact that he will question the will of the people and accuse others of ruling power will have to ask the question whether he may be the one who has some hidden scenario in his mind, Jandroković said. (Hina)