Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said on Monday, responding to the claims of the Zagreb press that Ustashas did not kill anybody from his family, to kill dozens of Ustashian hands in his family, and that in the last war all the houses of Vučić, as one of the most prominent Serb families, were dropped and burned.

Vučić, as stated in his statement, denied the allegations "that none of his relatives had been killed by the Ustasha and that the truth about the suffering of his ancestors in Čipuljić near Bugojno eradicated."

"I have never thought that anyone in the globe would think that, as a weapon in the fight against states or leaders of other states, it uses the most brutal lies and attacks on one's family," Vucic said and added that the Croatian daily Jutarnji List to probably because of "the political defeats they had experienced after the attack on Serbia" by cheering on members of the Vučić family.

"Father of my father, Anđelka, one of the richest Serb hosts in the village of Čipuljić, the Ustasha was taken to the first group and shortly afterwards liquidated. My father never even saw him because he was born after his death. They killed him, and we know the names of the Ustasha thugs who participated in it as well as the instigators and immediate perpetrators, "Vučić states, adding that at the beginning of the Second World War, his father's closest relatives were killed.

Vucic then confined to his family in the last war, from the beginning of the 90, "who were killed only because of the Serbs."

"In spite of everything that happened to my family, I very much respect Croats and all Catholic people, and I do not want 1941 ever to repeat. nor 1991, "Vučić said.

The Serbian prime minister has told those who defend the Ustashas and conceal their crimes to want less hatred, convinced that they will understand and understand that "with dirty attacks and meaningless fictions, they have done nothing good to their country or to their future."

"Serbs and Croats have a better and different future than the one wanted by some media and political workers from the Hrtvatske," Vučić said, and signed his statement with "the son of the ordinary Serb refugee, Aleksandar Vučić."

"Jutarnji list" in Zagreb published a text claiming to "reveal Vučić's myth" because "Ustashas did not kill anybody from his family" and Vucic "at least negates the truth" about the suffering of his ancestors in Čipuljić near Bugojno.