An interspersed person in the court in Touru, in the center of France, has been told that in her mother's list she writes that she is "neutral sex", conveys a French daily newspaper Wednesday.

The High Court in Touru ordered the home service in the city to modify the parent list of the interspersed person who was enrolled as a man and entered the term "neutral sex" in the decision published 20. August 2015., transmits the diary "20 Minutes".

"For the first time," this free list writes, "the French court has authorized the person to leave the binary sex distinction by ordering a registrar in the city administration of Toursa to modify his parent list" and entering the term "neutral sex".

"It is by no means a recognition of the existence of a 'third sex', but of the knowledge that a party can not be identified with either sex," he writes in the explanatory statement of the court decision.

Fearing that "this decision does not trigger a public hearing that could end up with the recognition of the third sex," the state attorney's office in Touru has announced an appeal against the decision, a diary adds.

Interspersed persons are persons born with undefined (explicitly female or male) sexual organs. In the past, an intersexual person called hermaphrodite, and its appearance with hermaphroditism.