The HDZ on Wednesday unlawfully assessed the government's decision on a one-time payoff for retirees - because it believes it is a covert financing of the election campaign and holds that the retirees will not have any reason to trust the outgoing government.

"We believe it is unlawful this kind of covert financing of the election campaign as it now makes Kukuriku a coalition with the intention of buying the favor of voters in this way. We are confident that our pensioners, who are suffering the rest of the people with the employees and the unemployed in the mandate of this government, understand enough what has happened and that there will be no reason to give confidence to the outgoing government, "said parliamentary representative Davorin Mlakar at the press conference .
He noted that the HDZ announced in its economic program that it will introduce national pensions as a way of quality solution for all pensioners, not just certain categories. He announced that he would particularly care about pensioners who met all the legal requirements for full retirement. "Unlike this Government, we have the right solutions to do so," Mlakar said.
The government on Wednesday issued a decision on a one-time payout to retirees from financial funds belonging to the Republic of Croatia, as a member of the Pensioners' Fund, and they will be paid up to Christmas.
Speaking about the Government's decision that the future management of companies and other legal entities of strategic and special interest for Croatia will be selected with the help of specialized agencies for employment mediation, so-called. The headhunting agency, chairman of the HDZ Finance Committee, Tomislav Ćorić, recalled that in the early days Kukurik's coalition government management was divided "on a political line", testifying for all four years of mandate.
Noting that just three weeks before the elections, the government made a "blow to death" in terms of professionalization of corporate governance, he noted that HDZ has been announcing it for months now, and the management of public companies will be completely depoliticized.
On a journalist's question as he comments on the concerns of Vice Prime Minister Branko Grcic that HDZ's announcement of VAT cuts will have great negative effects, Coric replied that he thinks that the controversy with Grcic on this issue ended on HTV's "Open" issue.

He pointed out that VAT would not be reduced by two percent, as Grcic said, but 9. November, but after two years of mandate. "VAT reduction is just one of the measures that will be preceded by improvements in the business environment and a whole host of other measures," he added.
Asked how he commented on Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic's statement that Croatia has made a major breakthrough in informatization of public administration in the past four years, he replied that on our day of entry into the EU, our country for the European digitization index was on 22. is a member of 28 member, and today is on 24. place.

Mlakar: Milanovic is Sanader's man

"Milanovic is Sanader's man because he is employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his mandate," Mlakar said, answering a journalist's question of Milanovic's accusations that the HDZ is a party to dangerous people and former people of Ivo Sanader. Ironically, they are likely to act very dangerous and the most dangerous for Milanovic's mandate. "If he is in danger, he is absolutely right," he added, adding that most of the HDZ, like Ćorić and he, were "his own people" and that he was never Sanader's man.

Asked how he comments on the accusations of SDP's parliamentary representative Franko Vidović that HDZ "uses pre-election defenders and the organization of the riots" in Savska 66, he replied that the HDZ always paid special attention to the Homeland War and the Croatian defenders, which will be of lasting value. "We will support legitimate law-based advocates' interests," he said, pointing to "Vidović's fantasy" that veterans were particularly motivated to support HDZ.

"Everyone who believes that the HDZ can inspire any kind of protest of this type, especially the defense attorney, would in some way diminish the value and capacity of those people. We support them because we think their demands are legitimate and what we think is one of the pillars of this society that needs to be especially careful and nurturing, "Mlakar pointed out.

Responding to the journalist question, Mlakar condemned the behavior of Sisak-Moslavina County Prefect Ivo Žinic, who, on the media's writing, traveled to Paris on a presentation of the Central Croatia Cluster Cluster in Paris, and two drivers flew a day before the van to drive the parish to Paris. "I condemn everyone, and myself, if I have specifically sent my driver and vehicle to meet me where I'm going," he said.