Hungarian MOL confirmed on Wednesday evening Hin information that MOL's President Zsolt Hernadi, for which Croatian interruption charges for corruption were announced by Interpol, was on his official trip to Vienna, where he talked with OMV's CEO Rainer Seelee.

"We can confirm that a business meeting was held today in Vienna between Mr Hernadi and Mr Seele. We do not comment on legal issues, but Zsolt Hernadi was legally present in Austria and visited Germany for the last few months, and also talked about Berlin's energy security issues in Berlin, "HOLA spokeswoman MOL Tamas Berzi said.
As Bloomberg writes, Hernad today met with Vienna CEO OMV Riener Seele. At Bloomberg's request MOL confirmed the meeting, but did not give details on the topics they discussed.
Hernadi's trip to Vienna is interesting because of the fact that he is in Red Interpol's detention because of the indictment of the Croatian judiciary charged with extraditing former Prime Minister and HDZ Ivo Sanader to ten million euros in order to hand over MOL's rights to INA.
The red flag was reactivated in February this year and was first broadcast in October 2013. after Hernadija was asked by the Croatian judiciary for suspicion of bribery.
According to a detainee, the police of any state - the member of Interpol in which Hernadi is caught - should keep it until the Croatian request for extradition.
Sanader's verdict in the case of Ina-MOL, the Constitutional Court terminated and returned to the trial, and there is a possibility that Henadija and Sanader will be tried in a repeated trial.