On Wednesday, at the meeting of the Management Board of the Croatian Basketball Association, a new Expert Council will be appointed, chaired by Dino Rađa, among the members will be the celebrated representatives Toni Kukoč and Stojko Vranković.

In addition to these three celebrated Croatian basketball players, his position in the new composition of the Professional Council elected for a four-year mandate will be taken by Cibona's Executive Vice President and member of the HKS's Management Board Aleksandar Petrović, Cibona coach Slaven Rimac, coach Cedevita Veljko Mršić, coach Zadra Ante Nazor , Zagreb coach Danijel Jusup and associate professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology on "Kosarka" Damir Knjaz.
"I'm exceptionally proud and happy that Dino Rađa, Stojko Vranković and Toni Kukoč have accepted that as a legend of Croatian basketball are in the Expert Advice. Aco Petrovic will be a liaison between the Professional Council and the Steering Board. Without the Faculty of Kinesiology we can not do a quality job, so Damir Knjaz is there. The second part of the expert advice consists of coaches of the four best placed teams in the men's A-1 league, since they will be from 2017. year national team qualifiers for the European and World Championships in November and February, and they have the best insight into the status of Croatian basketball, "HKS president Ivan Šuker argued.
"That does not mean that our coaches who are out there like Spahija, Repeša, Perasović, Tabaka will not be invited and act in the Expert Advice when it is needed, and our coaching legend Mirko Novosel, Petar Skansi and Pino Giergia will be some associate members", added is Šuker.
Elected President of the Expert Council, Dino Rađa, highlighted the reawakening of his engagement in the new leadership of the HKS.
"I am not here for money and glory, but for basketball, and I will be here as long as it will work on some basketball principles and basketball will be in everyone's interest. The moment it comes up, if it appears, any private, personal or any other interest, I will be the first to leave. I just love basketball. "
Rađa explained and how he would try to raise the dead sport and return it to the paths of old glory, when Croatian basketball players from the biggest competitions regularly returned with medals.
"We will not invent anything new. I just have to remember how I became a player and that's just the right way. The whole system needs to be changed. It can not happen that a pyramid is unknown. I would not waste time on what was. It needs work. Children need to learn basketball, because they lack the basics, "Rađa emphasized, adding that no immediate result should be expected.
This was agreed by Stojko Vrankovic, Rađin's teammate from 1992. year at the Olympic tournament in Barcelona on the second leg of the winner stand, right up to the original American Dream Team.
"We're moving from scratch. We have four years ahead of us if we endorse if we stay together and I hope we will because we are there for basketball. It's going to be a lot, we will not be easy. There will be mistakes, but they will not be intentional and will not be of interest. The most important thing is that we have the will. We have the knowledge, experience, and I think we can do a good job, "concluded Vrankovic.