Iva Kvakić is the listener for the first constituency of the Party for the City, which was the biggest surprise in the last local elections in Zagreb. They lacked enough votes to enter the City Assembly, but managed to win six council seats by city quarters. Kvakić is one of the six and the town hall is in the Trnja town quarter. They also want to step on the national scene in these elections. The campaign has only started recently, but its provocative slogan "having to have politics for politics" has been able to immediately draw attention to itself. We interviewed Zoran Milanović (physically and not just verbally) in the street on the streets where Zoran Milanović used to be a long time ago, and because of Zrinjevac we cut a video interview in two parts. The text below is a shortened authorized version, and you can view the entire conversation in the video attachments up and down.

Have you had an interesting weekend?

We were in the open door. We went to see how it looks there and how to ask some questions. We asked them if the deputies voted in conscience or party instructions. Josip Leko and Đurđa Twilight have told us to vote by consensus because within the party they all agree. Leko explained to us that those MPs who do not want to vote so honestly recommend that they leave the Parliament. So it is fair to them that people can not vote by conscience, but it is fair to go out and not vote at all. Later, we heard from a former MP that they are dumb in the HDZ and SDP in the Parliament because they vote only on the list they get from the middle.

Prime Minister Milanovic said that he had been spotted by long hauls in the Parliament. Do not you be afraid that you will groan your groin?

I doubt. I'm sure if I go to the Parliament, it will become interesting there. I'm sure my contributions and discussions will make me interesting. I do not know who managed to watch the Parliament for more than half an hour because they all got lists of what to do and their list of tasks and that's why it's so boring now. I'm sure it's boring and maybe that's why one of the reasons why they do not often come to the sessions.

When we are at odds, do you have any plans to solve it?

It is funny to discuss how to sanction MPs who do not come to their jobs. I want to get away from the story of whether to come to our workplace, to work fairly and to sanction people who do not work. That should be a normal thing. Representatives should be the voice of the citizens they chose.

To whom you will be a voice. So far you have been dismissed as a party that mainly deals with city problems.

We are born in a city context where there is no need to talk too much about the worldview. In a national perspective, we are a party representing young progressive and urban people. There are some trends in right-wing extremism, and we want to be counter-proof to show that there are many of us who think differently, advocating for progressive values, human rights, minority rights, and legalization of hemp. So, quite liberal.

Liberal or Socialist?

It's hard to put it in one spectrum. Liberal as far as human rights and minority rights are concerned. Economically, we believe that the state should finance health and education, and liberal, because we believe that the state should be very reliant on entrepreneurs because they are the foundation of the economy. At the moment, I am very relieved that I know from my own experience of helping a small family business. Less needs to be paid and extensive inspections.

Should we cut taxes on entrepreneurs?

It would be beneficial to tax some branches of taxation. I lived in Dublin and my ex boyfriend worked for Google and it was a fascinating world. They are the centers of all such industries because they have a very low profit tax and I think that such a policy could make Croatia a lot. For that, it is that Poland "steals" all of the eastern European centers of these companies and encourages the IT industry. We can export knowledge.

Do not you think entrepreneurs are "evil characters in society"?

No, no. Entrepreneurs are those who carry the company. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most employed people. I consider economic freedom to be one of the fundamental human rights, and in Croatia I get the impression that entrepreneurship is punished. Here's an example of my mom who is a small OPG. He has enough fruit and vegetables for a small bench at Trešnjevci and he was punished some day because he has to write delivery notes every day. You can think of just how much it is doing to her every day. It wrestles with 10 hours a day to even produce and be there, and then it still has to satisfy the misty procedures that no one else uses, except in case she finds she did not do it - to pay her a penalty.

You mentioned minorities. What is the lack of minority communities in Croatia, except for the social atmosphere?

Primarily, they need to change the social atmosphere and work to promote their rights. We do not only think of national minorities or LGBT communities. We are in touch with homeless people and other vulnerable groups as well, and we think that much else can be done to a lesser sense of their exclusion in society.

Can the laws change the social climate or change the greater engagement of people within society?

So a big problem is that our judiciary does not work. People have less and less trust in the justice system because laws are used as abstract frameworks that are not respected.

How to make the judiciary do their job while staying independent?

It would help judge judges, better control of time to resolve court disputes, and most of the duopoly's abolition, and ever-interfering politics in the judiciary.

You are competing in the first constituency. How many constituencies of the Party for the City comes out of their lists?

Let's go to the four constituencies in Zagreb, and some day we are afraid they might have one list for the diaspora because there are a lot of our friends out there. And my brother is abroad, which is, on the one hand, sad. These are our friends, brothers and sisters who have fled unhappy with the social situation.

And will you have it?

We will not because we think that despite all this, it is not fair that people are elected by elections to which the laws of this country no longer relate or dictate the conditions in which they will live. And we do not just think about paying taxes.

Do I notice that you stand in the attitudes very much with the policies of Oraha? Do you practically take those voices away from the election threshold?

Certainly our voting body is similar to Orahov, but there is one important difference. We are much clearer and more open in our attitudes. The wolf did not do his story well and let a lot of people have a different political history to enter the party. Also, too much focus is only on Mirela Holy as the only party of the party, and so now we see how many people are coming out of that party. I am therefore sorry because the Worm is close to us in some ways, but they are exhausted and have not done their story well.

And when we are already talking about the third, what do you think about the Bridge?

We came to the Bridge after the local elections, as well as other independent lists, but they have not been in the phone for two years. We are not even fully programmable, but it's hard to say more when they just did not.

But is it because of the lack of interest to get the voices of those who do not want to vote for two big blocks?

We tried to work on the consolidation of all independent lists in time, but there was no hearing. And it would be a wonderful story of local options that know their voters' knowledge and do not come from above as big affiliates, rather than from the local community, and they arise. But we are here too long and I hope that there will be cooperation places in the future.

How many of your party has members?

There are about twenty active members in the party, and I am actively thinking about meeting regularly and planning actions and strategies. After all, we have six councilors per city districts, and we can already influence our lives in Zagreb, despite the limited powers that City Councils have.

If you have twenty members, how do you then fill in four lists for which you need 56 names?

Twenty of us are constantly active and engaged. But we have a great list of sympathizers and volunteers. We are a party that ignores formal membership. It is not our membership card of ours. We have met the formal requirement of at least 100 members how much a party should be established, but after that it was not important to print the membership card.

I just wanted to ask you that because you hear Arsen Bauk now, would you stop it?

No, because we met the formal quota. To us it really is not important how important it is for people to come up with ideas and help. They do not have to sign up for access. It is important for us to put quality people on the lists. And we have enough. What we have to do is make the lists fit in by the zip system. So, one woman, one man. The two constituencies will be women and two men.