In Karlovac, 20 hours and 15 minute sirens were under threat as the Kupa water reached eight meters and two centimeters, and the City Protection and Rescue Center invited the citizens to stay calm and, if necessary, address 112 Center and Presidents of City Districts and local committees.

Citizens are supported throughout the day by about a hundred professionals and two hundred organized citizens, and so far it is not necessary for citizens to respond to help after the sound of a siren.

The cores of Korana in 19 hours were 764 centimeters. Floods are flooded with many yards, cellars and roads, and troublemakers also create flood water that causes damage to communal facilities and houses in the mountainous parts of the city, and firefighters and various services help citizens, said Thursday night at the City Protection and Rescue Center.

As the president of that staff said, Mayor Damir Jelić, in Karlovac, a dozen people have been organizing numerous activities to mitigate the difficult situation, and one of the special activities is intentionally submerging the construction site where the KAquarium was partially built so that water pressure would not collapse due to water pressure.

Belt pressures are strong and in collaboration with the contractor AB construction was arranged "sinking". If the building was completed, it would not be necessary because it was built at a home where the maximum water content of 884 centimeters (how much was last year) could not harm it, Jelić said. He added that the remaining 15 of city locations where he has problems keeps the status under control.

The mayor asked the question why only one third of the Cup-Cup canal was filled up, which should dislodge the city from high waters.

"If 80 was filled, now the water level in the city would be half a meter lower, but in the upstream Brodarac there is no mouth to direct water to the Cup-Cup channel. Where's the Constitution? If it was built, I would not be here for a circus here. With this constitution there are still eight unrealized large projects. Here we can see how a structure does not work and I will say that politics does not fall, that the system has not functioned even under the former governments, "Jelić pointed out.

He argued that Karlovac citizens had only one hundred million kuna damage last year and that it was a disgrace to get just a million kuna from the state of compensation, so the city with voluntary contributions added two million.

Asked to comment on the statement by Minister of Agriculture Tihomir Jakov yesterday in Karlovac that the politics that the Karlovac City Hall exaggerated about the size of the problem, Jelic said, "We in Karlovac have 'flood tourism' and the one that the Mayor of this city calls for politics is at the very least it is unreliable because in ten years, as far as I am an official in this city, I am witness to many human tragedies, those who enter the house five times in the house. "

Jelic said he called Biljana Željezjak from Croatian waters on Monday, before his visit and the beginning of preventive activities, and said, "Damir, a disaster is coming."

"Biljana Iron is in the system subordinated to Minister Jakovin, who now calls us politics, and I called the Stoicer with input data that Kupa waterfall would be 8,5 meters. Oh, yeah, it's for him who plays with such data in the elections. And if Minister Jakovina thinks that one of us enjoys this story for three seconds of media glory due to these floods, then he is cheating, "Jelić said.

Speaking of concrete activities, he pointed out that the old and helpless, part k relatives and part of the hospital were being handled, and that crevices were built, the largest of which is Zatok, which defends Mostanja.

"Are people aware that we have now saved City Bridge Money, and that it is not the job of the city at all. And they come here with armored cars and gorillas that do not give the citizens close to them. What choices, at all, the choices do not interest me. That's a shame, "Jelić said. In the field, all the necessary items were measured, to know exactly where and what to do, depending on the water level, and in 24 hours, said Jelić, "to cast out a minimum of 20.000 or 25.000 sack for nasipe rabbits. So far there are no sunken houses, but there are houses that suffer damage due to flood water in the mountainous parts of the city. (Hina)