The Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb on Friday ruled that the President of the Defense for Croatian Vukovar Tomislav Josić dismissed Stipu Milanovic, father of Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, in last year's HTV show "Sunday in 2", for which he must pay 7000 kuna, as well as court costs and the publication of a final verdict on the same issue.

The verdict came after a recent attempt to conclude before the judge of the Municipal Criminal Court Natalia Glumičić Šćekić and Josic's confession that he was acquitted of Stipe Milanovic. Josip offered the complainant an apology and said he had not verified the information he had publicly announced.

In May last year, Josić was quoted on Sunday in 2, saying that Stipe Milanovic was an ambassador to Paris when they shot Bruno Bušić there, without knowing anything about it. It's like asking Vukovars who were in the war in Vukovar, and later not going to show where the graves were killed. There will be no progress in Croatia until some things are cleared. Lustration has to be done, "Josic emphasized, and added" what kind of a father, such a son. "

As pointed out in the reasoning of the verdict, the court has indisputably found that Josic disclosed false information that was available to the general public. Josić's court as a mitigating circumstance assumed guilty plea and willingness to apologize, but also an earlier incapacity for the fact that the HV officer, the Homeland War participant and the father of four children.

The judge emphasized that the imposed financial penalty was granted on the basis of the estimation of 35 Josic's daily incomes and that in the case of non-payment of the fine within the legally prescribed deadline, there was forced compensa- tion, work for the general good or a prison sentence.

Josic did not come to the verdict, and Milanovic's lawyer Petar Pavkovic announced that he would consider the possibility of appealing an inadmissible verdict. "We consider that the imposed amount of the fine is not an adequate measure for disciplining Tomislav Josić who calls himself a public employee. He tried to relativize the weight of his assault by saying that he was not instructed and did not verify the information, but he was well aware of the fact that the allegations were false or false, "Pavkovic said.