SDP's Parliament Speakers Domagoj Hajduković, Damir Tomić and Hrvoje Nekić reminded journalists in Osijek on Friday that projects that the government had implemented in the last four years and, most importantly, reduced the unemployment rate to 15, saying it was the lowest rate in the last six years.

"If the voters give us confidence in the upcoming elections, we will continue with employment aid, which is our absolute priority. We will enter more than three billion kuna from EU employment funds and job preservation, "said Hajdoković.

He announced how they intend, if they get the support of the voters, already at the beginning of 2016. year program to invest in EU funds worth around HRK 1,2, intended for the development of smaller towns, exclusively in less developed and war-affected areas such as Vukovar, Beli Manastir, Petrinja, Benkovac and Knin.

Damir Tomić recalled that the Government of Zoran Milanovic, by reducing or abolishing 58 parafiscal charges, has dumped entrepreneurs of different amounts in the amount of 450 million kuna per year and are in 2015. amended regulations that further reduced parafiscal charges in the amount of 330 million kuna per year. "And in the new mandate, we would work on a further reduction in the amount of additional 300 million, which would bring the total reduction to a billion kuna," Tomic said.

He added that in the coming mandate, if they were given the support of the voters, they would devote themselves to increasing agricultural production and would go on reducing the VAT rate for the basket of selected agricultural and food products, including sea and river fish, with 25 at 13.

"By coming to power, four years ago, we found chaos, disorder. Much needed to be put in order to make Croatia prosper. After the mandate of this government we can be proud and we can say with full satisfaction that Croatia is a well-regulated, stable and secure state, "said Hrvoje Nekic.
He said that the government left 45 a billions of kuna of illiquidity cargo, and stressed that illiquidity today amounts to about 27 billion.
"In the next four years, we are aiming to bring Croatia among the first 40 countries in the world to make business easy. Our goal is to continue the process of fiscal consolidation, reduce the deficit and halt the growth of public debt, primarily on the basis of economic growth started and growth of budget revenues, "Nekić said, claiming they were responsibly managing money with taxpayers, unlike the" former government money worn in black bags and held them in black funds. "