Slovenian Railways on Friday night in 19.30 hours until further notice on the request of state bodies suspended traffic with Croatia after Croatia announced that it will send migrants to Slovenia after Hungary closes the border to Croatia, Slovenian STA news agency said.

No mention is made of when the suspension of rail traffic will be in effect. For the same measure, Slovenia decided a month ago, during the first migration wave, and the interruption of traffic lasted for several weeks.
Slovenian media expect that the passage of the Slovenian corridor for migrants in the second wave of their arrival from Croatia will be smaller than in the previous one.

The Slovenian-Austrian border crossing in the expected new migrant valley over Slovenia after Hungary closes its border with Croatia at midnight for migrants will be considerably lower than in the first wave a month ago, Slovene TV reported that invites its correspondent in Vienna.

He argues that the up-to-date control of the Austrian border with Hungary from Saturday will be transferred to the southern Austrian border with Slovenia, and that border crossings will be controlled by stronger police forces and a smaller number of soldiers. Austria will miss a smaller number of migrants than in last month's wave that went through the Slovenian corridor and refused more entry than it did so far, claims Slovenian TV correspondent.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said on Friday that there is still no indication that Germany could change its current migration policy, which would then initially push Austria and Slovenia to close their borders for migrants.

But migration expert Klemen Grošelj told Slovenian television that the Slovene government should make decisions on allowing entry to migration on a daily basis and depending on the real situation, as a broad-based German policy towards migrants could soon change. (Hina)