The upstream work of people in the field as well as large pumps in the Bridge, from the floods saved and the settlement under Udbina, no longer threatened with the penetration of water and pumps were shut down, and most of the operational rescue forces were moved to the Pokupska Valley, where a series of villages in full water environment, is known in the Karlovac office of the State Protection and Rescue Administration.

Karlovac is still in the "upcoming danger", and its termination of sirens will only be announced after the calming and withdrawal of flood waters "and from the last houses," said Mayor Damir Jelić as president of the city's Protection and Rescue Director.

As Hini clarified the head of the 112 Center, Martin Barić, although Korana and Kupa drop by five and three centimeters an hour, are still on 818 and 816 centimeters, and there is still a need for extreme caution that no water penetration is present anywhere on the shores is, for a city where a three hundred house under water, the state is unusually quiet.

"Thank God there was no suffering, neither people nor livestock, there are no dramatic situations because everything was well prepared, and people, unfortunately, because of the frequent floods have recently become accustomed to knowing what to do," Barić said. Yesterday, he said, "relocated" to 19 boats who did not want or could safely take off before the flood.

The loggia is still cut off from all the roads, people are home water and the height meter, but firefighters, professionals and volunteers, divers, rescuers of HGSS, workers of municipal utilities, all still carry and transport boats to citizens of bread and medicines, and if necessary transport them to the hospital.

Most of the operational forces moved to the downstream villages in the Pokupska Valley, namely Rečica, Zamršje, Koritinja and Šišljavić, where they are now the most difficult because they are completely surrounded by water.

And in Karlovac, due to floods, two national roads, seven county and seven local DC 1 state roads in Ilovac subways were closed, meaning that the old road from Zagreb to Karlovac comes to the local streets of Hrnetić and Drežnik. The DC36 state road was closed due to the fact that the Kupa was poured out at PPK companies in Selce, and in Blatnica and Koritinja villages, Barić said.

All fourteen county and local roads are closed due to the detrimental effects of water - part because of the flood, and part due to damage caused by odors and landslides.

On Friday, the elemental disaster for the Karlovac area was declared as a result of high levels of material damage to communal infrastructure and public property. 126 landslides were activated, of which ten are new, and old, as Mayor Damir Jelić said, in the order of at least fifteen percent extensions.

Although Karlovac fell abundant in the morning, the DHMZ did not issue bad weather warnings, ie "no apparent weather events", but moderate to mostly cloudy, rain showers and the highest daily temperature from 11 to 16 centimeters.