The international animation day will traditionally be celebrated in Zagreb's Tuškanac cinema this Sunday, 18. October, to display the best Croatian animated films on free screenshots.

The program will be held in two blocks, in 18 and 20 hours, and the organizers are ASIFA Croatia, in cooperation with Zagreb Film and Croatian Film Association.

As announced, there will be festivals, but the Croatian animation festival in Tuškanac also brings several premieres, as well as the recognition of one professional and one student film, which was shown on the largest number of festivals in the past year and received the highest prizes.

The first block will show "The Secret Laboratory of Nikola Tesla" Brune Razuma, "A and the monkeys die" Anje Sušanj, "Arkadiy Febra" Tee Stražičić, "Wake Me Up" Dee Jagić, "Why did they come by train" Joška Marušić, "Climbers" Siniša Mataić (International Prime Minister), "Here There" by Alexander Stewart, "Kukuljica" Ivane Juric, "Wide Landscape - Porcelain Stories" Lee Vidakovic, "Sanjaline" Ane Kolega, "Until a Breath of Air" by Mark Tadic and "Activation" Martine Ukić .

In the second program are expected "Koyaa - Flower" Kolje Sakside, "Wiener Blut" by Zlatko Bourek and Pavel Štalter, "Sweet Dreams" by Dinka Kumanovic, "Vučje igre" by Jelena Oroz, "Glassman" by Daniela Šuljić, his Zagreb premiere, "Talk" Ane Horvat, "Levitation" of Mestrovic's Mark, "Train" by Olivier Chabalier (International Prime Minister), "Life with Herman H. Rott", Chintis Lundgren, "Line and Others" by Davor Vrzle, "Rainy" Ivane Guljašević and "Lovac and King "Vjekoslav Zivkovic (Croatian Prime Minister).

ASIFA is one of the oldest professional organizations in the world. 1961 was established. in Annecy with the aim of "linking all those involved in animation and informing government bodies and the public about the importance of animated film". This organization has 40 national groups and more than five thousand members in about 60 countries on all continents, and its central activity is today marking the International Day of Animation-based 28. October 2002. in memory of the day Emile Reynaud 1892. in Paris, he organized the first projection of animated film on the celluloid tape. The international animation day around the world is being promoted with the same posters.