One year after the defense attorney and tent set-up in front of the Defense Ministry in Savska 66, their informal leader, Đuro Glogoški, was on a Tuesday, although he did not talk about the subject these days, but briefly said that the tide would remain until further notice.

"The tent remains so far, and all that we have to say, we will say on Tuesday at a press conference," Glogoški Hini said.

Everything started with 20. October last year, when about one hundred indignant defenders of revolted, as they said, undermining and underestimating the veterans' population, gathered in front of the Defense Ministry in Savska 66. The drop that doubled the cup to decide on this move was, according to a statement by Assistant Defense Minister Bojan Glavasevic, who said on the Round Table Documente that "it was necessary to investigate why the vast majority of Croatian war veterans and civilians who passed the Homeland War were suffering from a series of malignant illnesses and PTSDs, a population that won the war and achieved numerous legal rights, while the population that was on the side of the so- Krajina and lost the war, there is no law but no PTSD. " These are the defendants as the equalization of victims and aggressors.

The defenders of the current Defense Minister Predrag Matic also referred to the dismissal of Croatian war veterans and to the most difficult war veterans who, for a long time, have been waiting for treatment and surgery for months. Because of this, they requested shifts at the top of the ministry - Minister Predrag Matić, his deputy Vesna Nađ and Assistant Glavasevic.
The tent in front of the Defense Ministry has already become the venue of the tragedy in the first days, with Nevenka Topalusic, a hundred-year-old invalid and a member of "Gromova", and then the defender Damir Čakanić was shot and tossed to the tent by the tent.

The defenders quickly set up a new request - the Constitutional Law on Defenders, which would convince them, guaranteed, rights that no political option could change. A mixed parliamentary working group with representatives of defense counsel has also been established on this issue, which has not offered any solution so far. Similarly, the talks, which were requested by Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, were completed and their dismissal was also requested in the meantime.

The defense tent over the past year has been the scene of numerous events, from press conferences, round tables, holy masses and celebrations, and support was given to singers, politicians of various options and presidential candidates, football players, as well as ordinary citizens. the Church had always supported them all the time.

The defenders repeatedly demanded that Prime Minister Milanovic receive them, and as their demands became louder, Milanovic announced that at the very beginning of the protest, he received and talked with the leader of the protest with Glogovac and his wife.

29 has been the culmination of the protest. May when Savska veterans headed for Markov Square, arguing that they would support the protest of Immunological Institute employees. After 18 hours, when Trg was closed for protest, the police asked the defenders to remove what they refused to do and withdrew to St. Mark's Church where they waited in the morning. During that evening, some of the veterans in Savska armed with gas bottles stopped traffic, causing the public to turn against them.

Branches in Savska media have also been perceived over the past year because of the allegedly receiving instructions from the very top of the HDZ and assisting the presidential campaign candidate of this party and the current president Kolinda Grabar Kitarović. Claims that a political party was organized by them all the time they rejected it sharply.

The HDZ has recently been unofficially heard as informal leader of Glogoški protest on the list in the fifth constituency for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The media, however, reported on Monday that Glogovac allegedly abandoned such engagement.