Leaders of the Coalition, Successful Croatia, have submitted to the State Election Commission (DIP) a candidate list for all 10 constituencies in Croatia for the XI. an electoral unit, in which Croatian citizens without residency in Croatia and for XII. a unit in which their representatives are elected by representatives of national minorities.

President of the party Forward Croatia - Progressive Alliance Ivo Josipovic explained that the coalition in the XII. The election unit emphasized the candidates for the Roma and Bosniak national minorities, and expects the electoral result of the coalition to be very good.

"I am sure these elections will show that it is not necessary to divide the electorate into two so-called" big parties. We have what we have to offer, which is also seen from our programs and from our biographies, "Josipovic said.

Commenting on the reactions of his party's electoral spots posted on Facebook, Josipovic said they were great. "Just before we had a certain small blockade in the media, it was difficult to come to them. We've been in all the media now, there are those who do not like the movie, let's say it's important, "she is convinced.

President of the People's Party - Reformist Radimir Čačić expects that the coalition Successful Croatia will have between five and 10 MPs in the new Parliament meeting. "When we talk about the People's Party - reformers, then it's between three and five mandates. These are our expectations, and of course the choices are the ones who talk about it, "he said.

The best success of his party Čačić is expected in III. Election Unit, which includes Varaždin, Krapina-Zagorje and Međimurje County.

"In III. We expect two, really three terms, and four are not realistic, so things stand. In all units we have high quality first candidates on the lists, very respectable, strong and politically experienced and I believe that beyond the 3rd. There are serious chances in all the units we perform. This is represented by Petar Baranovic, former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, Petrinja Darinko Dumbović, former MP and President of the Croatian Water Director Jakša Marasović. Behind each of these names there are verifiable biographies and none of them are unknown. None of them is offered with the basic message 'no one knows who I am or maybe I can pass'. These people go with their names and surnames and the party is only there to have extra weight on the list, "Cacic explains.

Asked about the possibility of after-election coalition, he replied: "Obviously, I am saying that for a long time, now it's obvious to everyone, it's not up to us to think about them, and it's up to them to think so much about us."

The DIP will receive the electoral lists by midnight when the deadline for their submission expires, and for the 11 hours the presence of the coalition representatives Croatia is gathering around the SDP.