Deputy Prime Minister Branko Grcic assessed on Monday that HDZ's announcement of downsizing of salaries and VAT rates, with simultaneous promises raising the expenditure side of the budget, are financially and fiscally unsustainable, that is, threatening to ruin the entire fiscal system.

Answering journalists' questions about marking 140. anniversary of Croatian official statistics, Grcic announced recent HDZ announcements that, if they came to power, to cut the salaries of top state officials for 25 to 30 percent, he called "pure demagoguery."
"The government has already cut the state officials' salaries twice, and once did not raise them, when salaries were increased by more than a million citizens in Croatia before the 9,5 months. So now we come to the situation that the salary of the Assistant Minister is only higher than the Chief of the Sector. Any further corrections would mean a complete disintegration of the whole system, as a proposal goes to reduce the salaries of state officials, but not to pay the salaries of civil servants. So in such a situation the whole system would be completely disrupted, "Grčić said.
He looks at it solely as a pre-election trick, "as well as a announcement of a reduction in VAT for 5 percentage points in the next mandate."
"This is a huge cost to the state, that is, the budget, which is practically unavoidable in the same period. This is somewhere over $ 23 and with all the measures that have been planned to increase the expenditure side, once again I ask colleagues from the rival coalition to tell the public where these huge money will be repaid, what will it cut if they really cut pensions, health care costs and second they announced earlier, and now they are not talking about it anymore. What they say is totally financially and fiscally unsustainable and is actually threatening to disrupt the entire fiscal system, "Grčić said.
Asked how satisfied with his position on the SDP list, he replied that personal position on the list or individual ego was no more important than the key item, which is victory in the elections. "I think the lists are the best people at the moment, those who gave and showed for the most four years, participating in the Government, the Parliament and other institutions, and that this team, as evidenced by the polls, has a growing public confidence, so we can expect a good result in the elections, "Grčić said.
Asked why the top five places on the SDP list have only 11 women, Grčić responded that "the criterion for at least 40 percent of women on the lists is absolutely met and this is the most important moment."
When drawing up the list, it is expected that as many people as possible will be elected to the Croatian Parliament, where they will participate in the creation of all important decisions in the next four years. "I would not go into speculations who is a bit more or who is a bit lower, in each case the key criteria are met," Grčić said.