Deputy PM and Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said on Tuesday in Opatovac that Croatia respected the deal with Slovenia but that migrants were welcoming dogs and wire and said that Croatia wanted half of the number of migrants arriving to be transported to Slovei and half was ready stay in the reception center.

"Croatia respected the deal with Slovenia, but where people were supposed to be delivered, they were welcomed by dogs and wire," Ostojic said, saying that Slovenia had been asked to designate places to receive refugees and migrants arriving from Croatia.

"They replied that they are ready for the slaying and there is no meeting time," Minister Ranko Ostojic said, saying that Croatia is asking that half of refugees and migrants traveling to Croatia be transported to Slovenia while the other half is ready to stay in the reception center .

"There can not be someone who says we can not receive more. To date, the Republic of Croatia has defended its interests and will continue to defend them. We are not responsible if no one wants to cooperate in that segment, "he said.

Since the beginning of the migration crisis in the territory of Croatia, 204.126 migrants have entered, the latest data of the MUP.

Minister Ostojić announced that Croatia is ready to transport refugees and migrants directly to Šentil.

Asked by journalists about the alleged existence of "D" Plan and the construction of a wall to Serbia, Ostojić reminded Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic that no option was excluded and asked the EU to "make such a decision".

"Those who were most affected, namely Germany, Austria and Slovenia, were against the construction of wire and fence. So do not talk about 'D' while we are still in the realization of the current plans, "he said, saying it was against sending the army to the border because" no army and wire have so far managed to stop the inflow of refugees ".

Asked by journalists why the slowdown of reception of refugees from Serbia to Croatia slowed, Ostojic pointed out that Croatia was the rule of law. "It's about police tactics, let the police do it," Minister Ostojic said, saying the police had a system in accordance with which there were loaded groups of about fifty refugees and migrants.

"But when you have the turmoil on the other side, it slows down accepting," he said, saying that Croatia is asking from Serbia to also organize the transfer of refugees by groups.

Those who try to enter Croatia across the green border, through fields and corn fields, Ostojić said that they would be accepted last and risk being returned to Serbia.

At the reception center in Opatovac, according to data from 9 hours, there were 2.600 refugees and migrants. In Tovarnik, a train is underway, while at Bapsa's side of the Serbian side, there are estimates about the 2.500 refugees and migrants who will be transported to the center in Opatovac by buses.