At the reception center in Opatovac, there were about two thousand refugees and migrants arriving in the center from Bapsk, via which they enter Croatia from Serbia, and the situation is currently better than at night when there were about four thousand people arriving in the reception center.

According to Croatian Red Cross spokeswoman Catherine Zoric, the supply of food at the reception center is satisfactory, and the situation is similar to clothing and clothing.

"Thermo-insulating foils are most needed nowadays, given that the blankets that people are trying to unload and protect against cold weather and rainfall have not proved effective," Zorić said.

He estimated that last night was perhaps the hardest in Opatovec. "We had a huge influx of people who came over the night around 4.000 and there were a lot of separated families. They came almost naked and bushes, wet by the rain, "said Katarina Zorić, reminding her that after the arrival of immigrants and immigrants in the reception center provides health care, sharing food and water and registering them.

At the reception center in Opatovac, at any time, there are around 300 volunteers and Red Cross employees who have so far distributed 270 tons of food, more than 320.000 water liters, 150.000 covers and 30.000 caps.