Croatia does not want to close its border for refugees, but will not have another option if Slovenia, Austria and Germany do so, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic said on Tuesday, pointing out that it would be an anti-European and ineffective solution.

"Is it possible to physically close the Croatian border - everything is possible, but that's something we do not want, I say clearly: we do not want it. But if we are faced with the fact that Germany closed the border, Austria closed the border, Slovenia closed the border - we have nothing else, there is no other possibility, "Pusic said, adding that it is anti-European, inefficient and not the right solution.

What de facto gets, Pusić wondered. "That enormous amounts of people gather in our eastern neighborhood. I do not see that it might be of interest to anyone, "Pusić said.

She thinks that it is a "counterproductive and meaningless" approach that began with the closure of Hungarian borders and mutual quarreling, overcoming and shifting responsibilities between countries on the road from Turkey to Germany.

"The only way to solve this problem is to agree, let's see how we can help the European institutions and Germany, who directly negotiate with the European institutions on the Turkish side, to stop the refugee wave," Pusić said after presentations of MVEP projects.

Pusić said that the Slovene government's decision to allow the army to go to the frontiers of thinking that this could reduce the inflow of refugees, but also that Ljubljana slowly realizes what it is facing and what the problem is.

"It has just been announced that two thousand people crossed the Slovenian-Austrian border. That's what we're talking about. These people do not want to stay in Croatia or Slovenia and you can ... whatever you want, they will eventually ... go where they are going. The problem is not resolved either on the Slovenian border or on the Croatian or Hungarian border - the problem is solved on the Greek-Turkish border, and it can not be solved there if no agreement is reached between the EU and Turkey, "he said.

Pusic said that the Croatian police did not cross the border with Serbia on Monday and that the announcement of Belgrade that they would send a protest note was therefore deplored.

"I have the information that the Croatian police did not cross the border, but I think it is really deplored at this point in which Croatia takes over all the refugees coming from Serbia, and as it is known they would not have to. There could be a different policy. I think such a move would have been really deplored. "

Asked if Croatia behaved correctly when, without announcing the arrival of refugees in some places not agreed with Slovenes and whether it was a new plan, the minister replied that the plan was always the same, which is the passage of refugees from Turkey to Germany. "What do we do? Should we stop them, so they all remain in Serbia, that Serbia explodes? Should Serbia stop them from staying in Macedonia, so that Macedonia explodes? "