For the first time in parliamentary elections, voters will be able to round up the name of man, not just parties or coalition lists. Portal invites all voters to use this right to round up a single woman on the lists they think they vote for.

Although most parties appealed to the Constitutional Court's decision to abolish female quotas, their charts show that these criticisms were just new drops in the sea of ​​their inexperience.

And in underperforming women, as well as lack of honesty, the two largest coalitions are ahead. The leaders of these coalitions are likely to have personal reasons. The parties have the greatest resistance to their self-sufficiency from party colleague. Some of them have already been released from the party, and the rest have simply left the list.

Political history of Croatia, however, shows that our bravest politicians were women. Since 1971. years.

It is time for Croatian voters to have this courage and rewards. The woman has on all sides of the political spectrum. And most of the struggle, initiative and rebellion were led by those.

It is time for Croatian voters to show that they are better than Croatian politicians. In these elections, there is an ideal tool for them. Make use of your preferential voice and round off one of the women from party lists. If they do not want the autocratic leaders of Croatian political parties in Parliament, this is the reason why Croatian voters are sent there.

What's the name on the lists below, your voice deserves more.

Portal in this campaign will not remain undelivered. But we will not ideologically rank. But we will be on the side of the woman.

From tomorrow to electoral silence we will only represent women from those lists where polls give the chance to cross the electoral threshold.

We'll put women in headlines.

We're interviewing women only.

As the pictures speak for more than a thousand words, we will only illustrate the texts on the political activities of all political lists only with the images of women.

We will not win for any political option. But we will persuade you to give your voice a woman the one you most like, or you're the least stupid.

Round the woman!

And this text illustrates photographs by male journalists only means that it is time for men to fight for women as well. There were enough of those fighting for ourselves and for us.

Dear men and dear women. Get out of these choices because this time your voice is really worth something.

Women, send a message that your voice is stronger than the votes of constitutional judges.

Men, send a message of how many women are worth.

If for any other reason, for the better position of women in Croatia go to these elections.

And round one!