Croatia does not hold operational agreements on the number of migrants it sends to Slovenia, while co-operation with Austria is very good in that respect, a rating given by Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar in the interview for German Die Welt.

"I would expect a different attitude from the European Union," German daily Cerar said, quoted by Slovenian media today.
Slovenian Prime Minister said he was in constant contact with Croatian Prime Minister Milanovic, but there is no communication and cooperation on the "working level" that is needed in the current migration crisis.
"Croatia does not agree on the border crossings and the number of refugees referring to Slovenia," Cerar said.
Co-operation with Austria in this regard, on the other hand, called "very good", and that "at all levels".
"Basically, Austria allows the entry of refugees from Slovenia, but not at the same number and speed as they come to us," Cerar said, adding that Slovenia is a small country that can not solve the European refugee problem.
"Slovenia is the smallest country in the Balkans, which limits our border control and refugee reception capacities. We call upon the EU and all the members to share the burden of migration more fairly, "said Slovenian Prime Minister, adding that coordination of all countries is needed and that the long-term problem should be solved where it originated, that is, in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.