About a thousand migrants located in Šentilje near the border with Austria on Wednesday morning opened the border crossing, coming out of the tent and getting the Slovenian police cordon, Slovenian media reported.

This is the case for another such case in the past few days, and in the Shentilje Cave Refugee Center there are still other 1700 refugees who would like to stay in Austria and continue to Germany
Police in Maribor said she expects that the transit center in Šentilje will soon be full again because it has sent new 3800 refugees who have been uncontrolled from Croatia, and in Šentilje can be accommodated in 2000 people in optimal conditions.
It is the largest reception camp in Slovenia, which worked a month ago at the time of the first arrival of migrants to the Slovenian border, and a police officer in the camp Zoran Krebs said that people in the camp quickly moved and went to Austria.
Food supplies are enough for now, but lack of clothes and blankets, he added, and humanitarian organizations are invited to help as well as to find the company's donations.
Today, as a support for the police, whose members are 50, the 15 members of the Slovenian Army will also be present at Šentilj, Slovenian news agency STA said.
The Slovenian media say that during the past days, there were incidents in the tents at Šentilje and burglaries in food and clothing stores, but the authorities in Maribor denied that migrants robbed a gas station in the city, which was surrounded by untested rumors.
The police claim that neither the alleged breaches of food and clothes stores in the camp know anything.