On the eve of parliamentary elections, a group of athletes and sports workers, including conquerors of the Olympic, world and European medals, supported the Coalition of Labor and Solidarity headed by Milan Bandić, Milan Bandic, 365 Party Worker and Solidarity Party announced on Wednesday.

Forty athletes signed a letter of support to support Bandić's coalition efforts to improve living standards and quality of life in Croatia, the statement said.
"We are happy to live in a city of sports, a city that provides inexhaustible sports in times when no one else can. Thank you for allowing us to place Zagreb and Croatia on the world map of sports. You've done it and do it seemingly impossible, and we're backing you with top-notch results, "Bandić told athletes in a letter.
They consider that athletes from other parts of Croatia do not have such logistics and support, so they want the Zagreb model to support sport to expand to Croatia.
Among the forty signers are Aco Petrović, Martina Zupčić, Boško Lozica, Nikola Dragaš, Ozren Bonačić, Dragutin Šurbek, Sandra Paović, Sandra Perković, Slaven Rimac, Ivana Brkljačić, Klaudija Klikovac Bubalo and Vjekoslav Šafranić.