The election list of successful Croatia Ivo Josipović and Radimir Čačić was presented in Rijeka in 8. the electoral unit is led by former SDP Finance Minister Slavko Linić. The other is also a former SDP member Dino Kozlevac, followed by another former SDP member Luka Denon. The fourth is Dragan Miljenovic, followed by Damir Car, Andrea Rudančić Lugarić, Sanja Bosnić, Dražen Mitrović, Ana Vičević, Snježana Herak, Ticijan Peruško, Petra Peloza, Denis Martinčić and Marina Tomečić.

First on the candidate list of the successful Croatia coalition in 8. electoral candidate Slavko Linić pointed out at the presentation of the coalition on Wednesday in Rijeka that he introduced tax discipline in the present government, saving the jobs through the pre-trade settlement and introducing fiscalization, which is an example in many European countries, and rescued Radimir Cacic shipbuilding.

Linić emphasized that there were concrete results behind the candidates on the list, recalling that he was head of the Crisis Staff for the Homeland War, preserving the city and citizens from the aggressor, carrying the transition of Rijeka to the conditions of the market economy, resolving the general illiquidity in Racan's government Radimir Cacic secured economic growth of six to seven percent.

In the present government, I introduced tax discipline, saving the jobs through a pre-trade settlement and introducing fiscalization, which is an example in many European countries, he said, adding that he and Cacic saved shipbuilding. As Linic pointed out, the only way forward is that it is possible to achieve only the order and the work.

He pointed out that he intends to fight for energy jobs through modernization of Rijeka refinery, construction of LNG terminals and construction of new hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants, renovation of infrastructure covering the Rijeka-Zagreb railway line and modernization of Rijeka port, conversion of former military facilities for tourism, hospital construction in Pula and Rijeka.

"There is no time for quarreling, division and vengeance, but we have to clean our hands and cheek forward," Linić said, adding that we do not have a time machine to correct mistakes from the past, but we have choices to stop them in the future. He reminded him of the movie "Return to the Future" in which the main characters in the future came to this very day.

President of the party Forward Croatia - Progressive Alliance Ivo Josipovic said on the presentation of a coalition list that Croatia is "at risk of being tricked" today and reminded of its presidential election campaign when it announced that Croatia would "crumble". We are here to counter this and to preserve social democracy, said Josipovic. He said that the term "red" did not speak in an ideological sense, but as a symbol of social democracy, socially sensitive, just and successful Croatia. Then Croatia was 'scrambled' on the presidential and then in the parliamentary elections, he added.

"We gathered because we were dissatisfied, because that option to which we many belonged was not on the track we were at that time," he pointed out. "We are here because we do not want to coalition tomorrow with the HDZ, but not with HDSSB," Josipovic added. That party wants to be an authentic left wing, a factor of stability, progress and development after the election, he added, adding that he believes in a good election result.

All candidates from the list were represented by the second and third former SDP members Dino Kozlevac, now president of the Istrian party organization Forward Croatia, and independent candidate Luka Denon.