Ivan Vilibor Sincic, vice-president of the "Living Wall", said on Thursday he did not suspect that the parties would achieve a brilliant result in the parliamentary elections, and was busy changing the existing negative trends, which are reflected in the departure of Croatian villages and towns.

Sincic was at a press conference, featuring a party list for 4. the constituency said that he had come to Slavonia several times in the past year. It is seen that "there is almost no life there," so the question is who will stay in cities for a decade and not just in the villages, he said.

That is why we are here to change trends. I know we're right, and we're fighting for the right thing. We have all our resources to advance this society, and to go to humanism and the movement for a better life and a better country, said Sincic.

First on the list in 4. Hrvoje Runtić's constituency Hrvoje Runtić said he had a national and not an elitist list made by the activists of the Living Wall and human rights fighters, and not just in this constituency, at least half or more candidates on the list are women.

He announced that the pre-election activities in 4. the constituency will be focused on the revival of food production and related activities, as this is a key problem that would have changed the state of the manufacturing sector by dealing with it.

A person who does not produce what he eats is condemned to failure, it is only a matter of time. This has to be stopped, and the only way is to write down debts to the overwhelming manufacturers, introduce tax relief on the idreport of VAT, to top products at most 10 percent, and to import food at least 20 percent, Runtić said.

The candidate from the list of Mihaela Varga invited citizens to go to the elections and make Croatia a country that it should have been long since today more and more people live a life that nobody deserves.