Against the opening of a provisional winter transit camp for refugees, a crowd of about a hundred Brođan protested at the Slavonski Brod main square Thursday morning that the city authorities and the government deny that there was no public debate regarding the decision to locate the camp.

We are not afraid of these people, but the decision should have been made after a public hearing, citizens should be asked, said Božena Rorzercer, the protests initiator.

One of the organizers of the gathering Hrvoje Macan said the camp was in the immediate vicinity of the city. "I protest because this city should be presented as a student city, and it seems to be a hotspot," Macan said.

"Do not fall that we are against people, women, children who run away from the war, we know very well how it is. We are not against such. We are simply opposed to illegally building a camp in a tired city, "said Zdravo Sajfert.

When it comes to the parties, protestors were backed by only a smaller group of HDSSB led by Boro Grubisic, who said that opening the camp "is damaging the image of the industrial zone" because it will be difficult to attract investors.

After about forty minutes the gatherers began to split. The rest of them were fifty of them, continuing the song by singing patriotic songs.

Works on a refugee camp inside the Inino warehouse in Slavonski Brod are coming to an end. Unused warehouse The government has decided to temporarily put into operation in the winter months as a transit center for migrants. (Hina)