Several former members and officials of OraH have sent an open letter to sympathizers and a party on Friday to explain how election support to OraH was a scattering of votes.

"Croatia is in front of parliamentary elections. We, as members and former members of the ORaH, advocates of the idea of ​​sustainable development, consider it necessary to invite members of ORAH as well as all citizens to think conscientiously and responsibly to whom they will give their vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Conquering a few percentages of votes by ORaH will result in the collapse of those votes and could have a significant impact on the formation of the future Government. These voices could determine whether we would choose to live in an authoritarian society after the election, "says a letter signed by former members.

These are the first president of Osijek OraH, Darko Balaš, former president of the Party Programming Forum in Rijeka, Igor Kegalj, president of GO Križevci in the resignation of Lidija Kerin, former president of the Central Programming Forum, Vladimir Lay, former vice president of the Eastern region of the Orah, Jadranko Lovaković, author of party politics national security Zvonimir Mahecic and former member of the presidency Milan Rodić.

In a letter, the social climate is such that everyone else who thinks should be afraid of tomorrow. "The president of HDZ and his hope for the duties of the President of Croatia are threatening us with threats. The autonomy of cultural institutions, the few remaining media with somewhat independent editorial policy, the civil society association and the change of the Constitution, are to be carved on the walls, which would waver the status of particular privileged social groups and prevent discussion of particular topics. Along with this, we are listening to the threats of 'snooping' opponents who in a very bad way correspond to the paradise of blacksmiths on the streets, "say the signatories.

The Holy See's spokesman Mirel Holy said that a series of wrong moves, from supporting President Ivo Josipovic's candidacy to engaging parliamentary MPs who were left without a party and "party extradition and elitism," dashed the initial support of the 17 percent of citizens who OraH were experiencing as " an alternative to the defective and harmful bipolarity of our political system ".

"The political catastrophe of right-wing signs is also represented by party attitudes on minority politics as well as views of the party's top priority on refugee issues. ORaH thus represents almost the same views as some of the righteous parties, "claim the signatories of the open letter, who expect voters in the elections to punish OraH for such wandering.

Holy also call for authoritarian party leadership, claiming that he personally fully determines all policies and public occasions.

"All this clearly and unambiguously indicates that the ORAH leadership would only play politics when it responded to it and manipulated membership and citizens for the sole purpose of achieving a personal interest," they conclude.