President of the Croatian Independent Trade Unions (NHS) Krešimir Sever at the electoral assembly and the union center, held on Friday under the slogan ".. because numbers of people in the world should not be numbers", he stressed that the transformation of the Croatian unions for the new era and the digital era should start, and to strengthen communion and suspend mutually competing competitions and the desire for prestige.

"If we do not recognize it, it will be as though we did not exist or work a honorable job of serving the interests of the workers and the society as a whole for which our workers have given their trust," Sever said before two hundred delegates at the union council.

He also called on other trade unions to join them because they have joint responsibility, and stressed that the second election must not fail to miss this opportunity because others will not be repaired.

Sever critically commented on the moves of the current government, arguing that the wrong economic policy deepened the crisis, reducing the number of employees and increasing unemployment. Amendments to the Labor Act reduced workers' rights and at the same time did not increase investment and the country did not emerge from the crisis, Sever claims.

The worker is distracted by greedy and insatiable business owners and politicians, looking for and expecting to do whatever the employer needs and to completely ignore private life. Worker increases insecurity, risks, fatigue, stress and fear and disrupts health. "The worker becomes and remains available to the employer at all times of day and night and in every place, and reduces his opportunity to create a family," Sever said.

Recalling that the current achievements of workers in the digital economy age threaten to be seriously disturbed, Sever stressed that it is an opportunity for trade unions to reinvent their own reorganization as an inevitable part of the necessary changes in the direction of the one that led to the crisis.

Organized and united trade unions remained as the only powerful enough for effective resistance to the interests and capital greed and constant attacks on labor, social and human rights. That is why trade unions need to strengthen their social influence at local and global levels and become a social factor without which it can not.

This does not mean that they have to enter politics, but must become such that employers' and political elites can not ignore or circumvent, but include them as equals participants and co-creators at all levels, Sever said.

In the introductory section of the trade union committee, a film about the achievements of robotics has been depicted, which in the future will increasingly replace human work, in which there will be less humanity, social dialogue and workers' rights.

Elections for the NHS President and members of the Supervisory Board, the Statutory Commission and the NHS Honorary Court will be held at parliament, as well as the presentation and adoption of program guidelines for the next period.