-It is easy to answer questions where I was 1991. Ivana Gojkovic, a candidate on the List of the Living Wall in 1, joked. constituency before we turned the camera on and started recording a conversation with her.

You 1991. she says she was not even in plans. She was born three years later. But that does not mean he does not know what the fight is.

- I was arrested seven times for the evictions, and I was able to get out of the police with a full gash - Ivona told us on Friday afternoon in the Living Walls that all suffered because of her activism. While most of her peers at that time thought of what she would wear for the evening out, she set out to go to Trešnjevački placa to make a noise in her list of the Zagrepčani for her voice on her fourth place.

But he says he does not persuade people to round up her name, but it only matters to her rounding up her list.

- I do not encourage anyone for a preferential voice. Anyway, any of us from the list will enter the Parliament because I know how we will all fight just like anyone who is to be elected. There is no division among us. We fight for each and every one, "said Ivona Gojkovic. He has been living in the Living Wall for nearly two years and joined them accidentally.

He called me a friend and asked if I would go with him for a single eviction. I did not know exactly what that was, but I agreed. I was shocked that people could lose their only home. At that deception, I met other activists of the Living Wall I did not hear or know before, because the media about their activities did not report anything at all. They liked me and for fighting and I joined them - says Ivona Gojkovic. He is convinced that Living Wall will enter the Parliament.

"We do not believe in these polls and we do not trust the media because we think they work for the biggest parties. Our research shows quite differently. We are going to win, and I'm convinced of a positive result - says Ivona, who put her in the second plan and the college she enrolled for her fight.

"The caretakers were not happy about it, but I can not complain much because I have been supporting myself for some time," says Ivona, who, apart from studying and preventing evictions of people from their homes for various jobs through student services - from warehouse to cafes.

But despite the constant struggle for the better of ourselves and others, she often laughs. At least this was during our conversation. He has recently begun training and boxing at the holder of his list at 1. the electoral unit of Danijel Galović (no, it is nothing in the subject of the author of the text).

Boxing is good to get rid of stress.

- You see and hear unhappy worship in the evangelicals, and you can not let other people's pain and misfortune remain in you and when you come home. That's why boxing is a great therapy - Ivona explained. Watch a video chat with a young woman and decide if you want to round up her name in the next election.

She deserves to listen to her at least. And it's hard for you to ever deny her a voice for her.