Eastern European countries of the European Union owed to its partners to do more to stem the flow of migrants to the EU, said on Saturday the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, while urging a more equitable distribution of asylum seekers in Member States.

"Eastern Europe has done little to halt the refugee wave. We have invested a lot in it, but now it's too little, "Rutte said after meeting with President of the European Council Donald Tuska.

According to him, it is not right that Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands receive most of this huge number of migrants, reports Reuters, and recalls that his words are the echo of statements by other leaders of the rich Western European countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

With him, however, disagrees European Council President and former Polish Prime Minister, who, it seems, sided with their Eastern counterparts. Tusk argues that it is now the most important task facing the EU to defend the Union's external borders.

"No task is more important for a moderate centrist political camp than re-establishing control of the EU's external borders," said Tusk, who attended the Hague Conference of Ruthenian Libar party, partner of Tusk's Civic Platform.

"Only then will we be able to stop the radicals from going to power," Tusk said, pointing to the growing popularity of the far right across Europe.

In the Netherlands, Freedom Party of Geert Wilders leads the polls, and the popularity of the party is more than ever. (Hina)